Alabama Business Insurance

The Alabama workforce is comprised of large and small businesses, who employ over 2 million people over the age of 16.  Finding Alabama business insurance that fits the needs and structure of your company is necessary to protect both the business entity and its’ owners.  Regardless of the size of the company, the need for adequate business insurance remains the same.  A business insurance policy is intended to protect against unexpected events that disrupt the normal flow of business.  Some policies are designed to insure the physical structure, while other policy types insure the actions of the business, their employees and the potential for loss of income, at the time of disaster.  Business owners may choose to purchase just the standard policy or a more comprehensive policy that provides increased business liability coverage.get_free_insurance_quote

Some of the various policy types available are:

  •  General Liability Insurance
  •  Errors & Omissions Insurance
  •  Home Business Insurance
  •  Contractor Liability Insurance
  •  Commercial Liability Insurance
  •  Workers Compensation Insurance (Required in Alabama)
  •  Business Interruption Insurance

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