Alabama Workers Comp Insurance

Are you looking for Alabama workers comp insurance?  Every state maintain insurance regulations around employers and employees.  As a general guideline, Alabama general liability insurance requires that any company that has five or more full or part-time employees MUST carry workers comp insurance.  The amount of coverage varies depending upon the type of business and potential for risk, but assuming $500,000 to $1 million in coverage is a great place to start.  Sole proprietors are not required to carry workers compensation.get_free_insurance_quote

Workers compensation must be in place before the employees first day on the job.  It is put in place to ensure the employee does not sue the business if they are involved in a work-related injury, illness or death.  LocalInsuranceQuoteOnline.Com has helped countless employers to connect with the top insurance carriers who specialize in workers compensation insurance in Alabama.  Because every business’ needs are different, we will help you to compare workers comp rates based on the exact specifications you provide.

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