Florida Workers Comp Insurance

Are you in the market for Florida workers comp insurance coverage for your business?  Workers compensation insurance requirements vary from state to state.  In Florida, any business with four (4) or more employees must carry workers compensation insurance.  One exception to these regulations, are for those in the construction industry.  For these businesses with one (1) or more employees, workers comp insurance is required.  Florida considers corporate officers as employees, as well.

Workers compensation insurance protects both employers and employees.  If an employee is injured or killed in a work-related accident, the workers comp coverage will cover costs for medical treatment and lost wages.  If a workers dies on the job, the coverage will pay a financial stipend to the beneficiary of the insurance.  The employer, under workers comp laws, is immune to being sued by the employee or employees family.  Workers compensation insurance rates vary depending upon the type of business and the level of risk involved for the employee.    LocalInsuranceQuoteOnline.Com offers a simple way to obtain Florida workers comp insurance rate comparisons, without having to leave the comfort of your office.

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