New Mexico Homeowners Insurance

If you are looking for New Mexico homeowners insurance, you have come to the right place.  The average homeowners insurance policy, in New Mexico, is around $700 a year, while the average cost for a renters insurance premium is $200.  Not overpaying for insurance premiums is important, yet more essential is having the right coverage in place.

Safeguarding against potential risks to your property, such as wildfires and other natural disasters, is critical.  The Las Conchas Fire of 2011 burned over 156,500 acres.  When researching homeowners or renters insurance rates, one needs to compare the coverage, over the cost.  Not all policies are written the same, therefore coverage is different.  One policy may cover the contents of the structure, therefore result in a higher premium, while the other quote does not cover any contents replacement costs.

According to statistics, in 2011, there were 18,945 flood insurance claims files in New Mexico.  Flood insurance is not included in standard policies, but needs to be ourchased separately.

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