North Carolina Homeowners Insurance

For most, buying a home is their biggest investment and it should be protected as such.  If you are looking for North Carolina homeowners insurance, we can help.  Did you know the average homeowners policy is about $700 annually, while the average renters policy costs $130 each year?  Saving money is important, as is having the right coverage.  Not all homeowners policies are written the same, so when comparing quotes, it is essential to compare the actual coverage written in the policy.

Considering the devastating impact of unexpected natural disasters, such as hurricanes, severe winter storms and tornadoes, North Carolina property owners must be diligent about their insurance coverage.  Standard policies do not include flood damage, so including a separate flood policy may be necessary.  In 2011, statistics indicate that $152,201,557 was paid out for flood insurance claims in North Carolina, along with 113 tornadoes being recorded the same year.  Simply complete the online form to receive comparable homeowners insurance quotes, so you can rest assured you are adequately protected.


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