West Virginia Homeowners Insurance

Buying a home is potentially your biggest decision and greatest investment.  Therefore, it should be protected as such.  Homeowners insurance can be somewhat tricky to understand, so when looking for West Virginia homeowners insurance, it is important to shop around, in order to ensure you getting the best value for your money.  The average homeowners premium WV is just under $1000 per year for a standard policy.  Standard policies cover 17 names perils, that can potentially damage your home.  Carefully reviewing the coverage written in your policy and comparing that coverage to the specific needs associated with your property is the first step to securing the right coverage.

Do you have specialty items such as antiques, jewelry or furs that you want covered?  Many personal belongings you may have acquired are not included in the standard policy.  These items need to be part of a separate rider.  Additional endorsements may also be necessary to modify the coverage written in the policy.  These endorsements would cover damages that are not named perils in the standard policy.

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