Auto Insurance Discounts

Are you  looking for the best Auto Insurance Discounts without sacrificing auto coverage?  Consider some of these key components for saving money on your automobile insurance premiums.

First Time Driver Discounts:  Of course your teen is excited about becoming a licensed driver.  We know you are most concerned about their safety, as well as the cost to add your teen to your existing car insurance policy.  Did you know that you can save money by having your teen successfully finish an approved driver’s education class?  To find out your state’s discount specifications for new drivers under 21 years of age (under 25 years old for Georgia residents), visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Good Student Discount:  Most insurance companies offer a discount on annual auto insurance premiums for single students between the ages of 16 and 24, who are in full time high school or college and maintain a certain GPA-grade point average. The defined GPA requirements fluctuates amongst insurance carriers and the process for submitting GPA’s to insurance agents and companies also varies widely, but what a great way to save money while furthering your education.  Be sure to verify the specific policies for good student discounts with your insurance carrier, to ensure you are getting the best discounts available, at the time of initial coverage and at the time of renewal.       Complete our Online Quote form to get Local Auto Insurance quotes Today!

Senior Discounts:    (Mature driver discount)    Starting at age 50 through age 69, most people become eligible for mature driver discounts on their auto insurance premiums.   This is based on the fact that research shows a hefty decline in traffic accidents and traffic citations of this age group.  (At the age of 70, your premiums may begin to rise again, based on higher risk factors, associated with traffic violations.)  Qualifying for senior discounts on auto insurance may not be automatic, so it is recommended to check with and remind your insurance agent or insurance company when you turn 50 years old.  Some other senior auto insurance discounts may be available include:

  • Being fully retired from the work force or military
  • Having a clean driving record for a specified period of time
  • Maintaining a specific driving mileage annually
  • Being on active military duty or a member of the National Guard or Reserves


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