Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance coverage, also referred to as “fleet insurance,” is necessary to protect your business against liability resulting from accidents involving  your business vehicles and those driving them.  Not having the right coverage for your business vehicles may put your business assets at risk, as well as potentially making you-as the business owner-personally responsible.  When a business uses multiple cars and trucks, driven by various employees, this type of coverage is usually less expensive than single per vehicle policies.  Even with only one business vehicle and one driver, know that your personal auto insurance policy WILL NOT cover your business vehicle.

Each state requires various levels of coverage and insurance companies base their business auto insurance premiums on the following:

  • Number of Business Vehicles


  • Location of Business Vehicles


  • Driving History of the Drivers


  • Type of Business Vehicle (make, model, year)


  • Safety & Anti-Theft Devices in Business Vehicles Deductible


Every business has different needs when it comes to insuring their business vehicles.  LocalInsuranceQuoteOnline.Com has networked with the BEST insurance companies, who specialize in commercial auto insurance.

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