Motorcycle Insurance

Choosing the right motorcycle insurance is an important decision.  LocalInsuranceQuoteOnline.Com has networked with the top insurance companies to help you find the most affordable motorcycle insurance premiums in your area.  Because insurance coverage laws vary from state-to-state, it is recommended that you verify with your State Insurance Department on the mandatory insurance coverage you need for your motorcycle.  The cost of the motorcycle insurance will vary by insurance company and their calculations are based on what it would cost them to cover a claim.

Some of the other items they consider include:

• Your Age

• Your Driving Record

• Where You live

• How Frequently You Ride

• Type of Motorcycle (year, make, model)

As with auto insurance, when buying motorcycle insurance coverage there are different types of coverage to consider. Some are required, while others are optional.

Property coverage protects you in the case of damage or theft to your motorcycle.

Property Damage Liability coverage protects you in the event that you damage someone else’ property, such as another bike or car, a home, building or other structure.

Liability coverage protects you in the event you are at fault for bodily injury or damage to others.  In other words, when you physically harm someone else, when riding  your bike.  It is very important that you consider buying more than your state-required minimum liability coverage to protect yourself financially, in the event that you are sued for injuring someone else.

Collision coverage is meant to cover the damages to your motorcycle in the event of a collision with a vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage pays for damage or theft to your motorcycle resulting from accidents other than collision with another vehicle or structure.  For instance, comprehensive will pay for damages caused by hitting a deer, a tree falling on the bike or natural disasters such as hail or floods.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage protects you in the event your are in an accident, caused by another driver, who either has no auto insurance or is under-insured.  This also covers hit-and-run accidents.

Medical coverage, also referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP), pays the expenses associated medical treatment or lost wages, related to being at fault for an accident resulting in injury to yourself and other passengers on the motorcycle at the time of the accident.  It can also be used to cover funeral expenses in the cases where an accident results in a death of a driver or passenger.

Accessories coverage for motorcycle insurance coverage may be an additional cost to your premium or there may be some accessories that are included or free.  Since many bikers like to customize their motorcycles, the accessory coverage can protect them over and above the standard coverage limits.

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