Safe Driver Discounts

Am I Eligible for Safe Driver Discounts? 

Auto insurance companies tend to reward the insureds by offering them Safe Driver Discounts.  The opposite is true for those with a not-so-good driving history.  There are a number of variables that determine the status of a high-risk driver, also referred to as a “bad driver.”  Being classified as such will result in higher auto insurance premiums, as well as increased difficult finding a company who will insure you.

Some of the factors considered when determining High-Risk Drivers include:

  • Having multiple Traffic Violations, including DUI/DWI


  • Having had a Suspended or Revoked License


  • Being a Teen Driver (25 years old or younger) or First Time Driver


  • Having Prior Auto Claims Against You  Being a Student


  • Having a Poor Credit Rating  Failure to Pay Your Auto Insurance Premium Resulting in Lapse or Cancellation of a Policy